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Mini Pets lets you shelter and take care of the cutest animals on Earth! There are literally hundreds of animals!

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Buy amazing decorations, vegetation, and shops to keep your visitors happy! The shops are also an important source of revenue to your animal shelter! What a great addition to the family!

Mini pets animal dating list

Take your animals on dates, watch them fall in love and discover beautiful creatures! The game also supports Facebook integration.

You can login to your Facebook account and invite your friends to play Mini Pets! Sincerely, A concerned gamer.

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Plenty of room is one of the most important things an owner can give their pet. Baby red eareds can get away with one in a 60cm tank until approx. The water depth should be at least two times the length of the turtle's shell.. Although the initial setup of the turtle and tha tank are expensive, mantainance costs are low and if you are passionate enough about animals, I am sure you will find your turtle a great pet!

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  • Where is the mini pet in giga town? In marapets how do you feed your mini pets? Are mini pigs good as pets? Where can you get a mini pet turtle from? D helllo guysss You can also buy turtles online at certain reputable sites, such as turtlesale. It might be sc … ary, but they will send you a baby turtle to you first class in a well-constructed box designed for moisture and air circulation. Your turtle might be a little shocked the first day, but will be full of spunk before you know it. Are mini lops good pets? Yes, I have heard they can be quite gentle, although it depends on the rabbit's personality. They are great with kids. How do you get mini pets in wild ones? Go to the shop then accessories.

    Then click the tab that says mini-pets. To buy them you will need treats except for the owl. For the Ram, Pig, Walrus, and Lynx you will need … 16 treats.

    Shelter A warthog?

    For the turkey, 12 treats. Finally, the owl is only 5, coins. What is the best mini pet in wild ones? Where do you buy mini pillow pets? Well i saw them at frys or online.. I've bought one at target. Not sure if they're at all targets or only specific ones. What is the name of a mini pillow pet?